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Microsoft Updates Maps, Video, and Finance Windows 8 Apps – Ads Coming To Bing Search In Windows 8.1

If you're a Windows 8 user, you'll see a couple of app updates available in the Microsoft Store today. Microsoft has released updates to their Maps, Video, and Finance apps. In other news, Microsoft has written a post on the Bing Ads blog, stating that with Windows 8.1, the integrated Bing search engine will also [...]

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Facebook To Add Automatic Video Ads In Your Feed

It seems as if Facebook is out to get negative publicity lately. First they announced that Instagram has the right to sell your photos, and now Gizmodo is reporting that AdAge has said Facebook will be inserting video ads into your Feed that will automatically start playing. The report also says that it won't just [...]

By | December 18th, 2012|Categories: Internet|Tags: , , |1 Comment

Facebook Opens Up Advertising In Your Mobile News Feed

Facebook has been testing a project with select developers that allowed them to pay to put ads in your mobile news feed to advertise their apps. Clicking on the ad would launch the iPhone App Store, or Google Play Store to the advertised app, allowing you to purchase it. Now, Facebook has opened up this [...]

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