How To Disable Taskbar Pop-Up Ads In Windows 10

Windows 10 displays taskbar pop-up ads, which Microsoft calls "tips, tricks, and suggestions". These tips have included recommendations to use Microsoft Edge for better battery life, and an encouragement to use Microsoft Edge so you can earn Microsoft Rewards points. If you're like me, I prefer to use my own apps and browsers and I [...]

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How To Disable Suggested Apps In The Start Menu In Windows 10

As Windows 10 gains in popularity, the Microsoft Store continues to grow and increase the number of apps available. In the new Windows 10 Start Menu, you may have noticed some suggested apps by Microsoft. These aren't apps you have installed, but they still appear in your Start Menu because Microsoft thinks you should check [...]

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How To Disable Notification Ads In Windows 10 Creators Update

With the launch of the Windows 10 Creators Update coming soon, users will start to see notification ads after they update. These ads inform you about various Windows features and appear as normal desktop notifications. For example, you might see a notification telling you to set up Cortana. Like other notifications, they’re also stored in [...]

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How To Disable Ads In File Explorer In Windows 10 Creators Update

While Windows 10 has been out for a while now, in recent months, we've started to see Microsoft push advertisements to the end users in various ways. Most of these ads started with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and included ads in the Start menu, taskbar popups, notifications and on the Lock Screen. Now that [...]

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How To Disable Lock Screen Ads In Windows 10

While Microsoft made Windows 10 a free upgrade to most users, we're now seeing the ways Microsoft is trying to push ads and products to the end users in the form of ads. If you use the Windows Spotlight feature on your Lock Screen, you've probably seen ads when you go to unlock your computer. [...]

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Microsoft Updates Maps, Video, and Finance Windows 8 Apps – Ads Coming To Bing Search In Windows 8.1

If you're a Windows 8 user, you'll see a couple of app updates available in the Microsoft Store today. Microsoft has released updates to their Maps, Video, and Finance apps. In other news, Microsoft has written a post on the Bing Ads blog, stating that with Windows 8.1, the integrated Bing search engine will also [...]

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Facebook To Add Automatic Video Ads In Your Feed

It seems as if Facebook is out to get negative publicity lately. First they announced that Instagram has the right to sell your photos, and now Gizmodo is reporting that AdAge has said Facebook will be inserting video ads into your Feed that will automatically start playing. The report also says that it won't just [...]

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Facebook Opens Up Advertising In Your Mobile News Feed

Facebook has been testing a project with select developers that allowed them to pay to put ads in your mobile news feed to advertise their apps. Clicking on the ad would launch the iPhone App Store, or Google Play Store to the advertised app, allowing you to purchase it. Now, Facebook has opened up this [...]

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