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TeckLyfe.com was founded in 2016. We’re your center for technology, offering a technical blog with news, tips, how-to’s, and other industry information along with IT consulting. Over the years, this website has evolved and has seen many different names. Beginning back in 2000 as mindfrost82.com, then evolving to rbrussell.com, and finally at tecklyfe.com. Our goal has always been related to technology news and reviews. In the early days, we were a forum where users could interact. While much of the original content has been purged, we still offer a basic forum for discussions, but the main purpose of the site is our blog.

For more visit www.tecklyfe.com, you can also follow us on our Twitter account, Facebook and Google+ page.

IT Consulting

In 2009, RBRussell.com began officially accepting business in various IT fields including Web Design, Web Development, Web Hosting, Server Management, and Tech Support in Northern Illinois. I’ve had previous experience doing many side jobs, so I have developed a great portfolio.

Since day one, my focus has been on the customer. I strive to meet or exceed my customers’ expectations and needs. Without satisfied customers, there would be no reason for business.

I offer a variety of options for Web Design. I believe that functionality and usability should be the priority of any website and that the style is a strong second. People visit websites to accomplish things, therefore its important to provide them the functionality to do so. With the recent focus to “Go Green”, many companies are looking to expand their online horizons and offer more to their customers.

Since every website needs a home on the internet, I offer a variety of hosting options. I can register a domain name, setup and manage a server, and get you up and running in no time. My servers range from affordable shared servers to powerful VPS and dedicated servers.

I know that no computer is perfect and issues may always arise, that’s why I offer a wide array of tech support options. My services include virus removal, spyware removal, optimization, installation, and even maintenance plans. I can give your computer a fresh start by formatting and reinstalling Windows from scratch. Even something as simple as a memory upgrade can make your computer run much faster.