Common Mac OS X Problems and Solutions

I've written a few tech tip articles for Mac OS X, but hopefully you'll find this list of common Mac OS X problems and solutions helpful. GMail Bug In Default Mail App If you use the default Mac Mail app, you might have run into some issues when setting it up for your GMail account [...]

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Windows Server Tip: Disable 8.3 Naming and Strip Existing Short Names

There are performance and security benefits to disabling short file names (or 8.3 file names) on a Windows Server. From the graph below, you can see the performance benefits of disabling the 8.3 short file names. On Windows 2012 servers, the 8.3 naming is disabled when you format a new volume. When you've upgraded from [...]

How To Change A Mac’s Computer Name And Host Name With Terminal

If you're a Mac user, you probably know that you can go to System Preferences from the Apple menu in OS X, then go to Sharing and change your computer name from there. What happens when that option is greyed out and you can't change it? In my case, I could click on Edit and [...]

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Fix For Upgrading From Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro

I purchased a laptop that was pre-loaded with Windows 8 Home Edition. I was running the Technical Preview of Windows 10 since it was available to the public. When Windows 10 was released, I did the free upgrade, which upgraded me to Windows 10 Home Edition since I previously had Windows 8 Home Edition. With [...]

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Get A New Windows 10 PC For The Holidays? Here Are Some Tips and Tricks

Now that Christmas is over and everyone has gone through their gifts, it is time to dig into all of your presents. If you got a Windows 10 PC (desktop, laptop, tablet, etc), here are some links to popular tips and tricks. How To Enable or Disable Specific App Notifications Changing The Amount Of Time [...]

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Possible Fix For Critical Error Start Menu and Cortana Aren’t Working In Windows 10

If you're running Windows 10 and have ever run across the error above, stating: "Critical Error Start Menu and Cortana aren't working", then some of these solutions might fix the problem. #1: Try A Full Normal Reboot Since your start menu isn’t working, you need to hold down the Shift key, while pressing the power [...]

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Windows 10 – How to Disable or Enable App Notifications

Since I just wrote an article on how to change the time to show the notification popup, I thought I would also write one on how to disable or enable app notifications in case you want to go that route. - Open the Start Menu and click Settings - Click the System option - In [...]

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Windows 10 – How to Change The Time To Show The Notification Popup

If you use Windows 10 then you're probably familiar with the notification popup and Action Center. After using Windows 10 for a while, I thought the notification popup went away too fast, so I wanted to increase the time the popup stayed visible. Luckily, Microsoft added this feature into the Windows 10 Settings app so [...]

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