NVIDIA releases GeForce 361.43 WHQL drivers for Windows 10

NVIDIA has released a new version of its GeForce WHQL drivers, version 361.43, targeting Windows 10 devices. This particular update focuses on GameWorks VR headset, adding tweaks and bug fixes with the driver description stating: NVIDIA continues to work closely with VR headset and game developers to deliver amazing VR games and applications. This Game [...]

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How to set up a USB external storage on Xbox One for new games and apps

If you got a shiny new XBox One for the holidays, you might want to expand the storage so that you can install all of your games. The good news is that you can add an external hard drive to your XBox One to add more storage. The original Microsoft XBox One offered 500GB of [...]

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Microsoft Expanding Windows 10 on XBox One Experience To All Preview Users

This weekend might become a good weekend for you if you're a Preview Participant for the XBox One. According to a tweet from Microsoft’s Partner Director of Program Management, Xbox and Windows Platform, Mike Ybarra, all users who have opted in for NXOE (New Xbox One Experience) will be in within 24 hours. This tweet [...]

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How To Use XBox One Wireless Display App

Microsoft released their Wireless Display app for the XBox One to preview users back in April. The XBox One Wireless Display app lets you project the screen of your laptop, tablet, or phone to your TV through your XBox One. There are some requirements for it to work properly. UPDATE 2017: The XBox Preview has [...]

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King’s Candy Crush Saga Launches on Windows Phone

Better late than never! King's Candy Crush Saga launches on Windows Phone. You can download it from the Store. Features of the game include: - Tasty candy graphics that will leave you hungry for more - Unwrap delicious environments and meet the sweetest characters - Helpful magical boosters to help with challenging levels - Complete [...]

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Fix For Black Screen Starting Games On XBox One

If you're an Xbox One user, you might have run into this problem before. You go to play your favorite game like Call Of Duty: Ghosts and all you get is a black screen. You might have tried turning off the Xbox One, but what you might not have known is that the usual shutdown [...]

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XBox One Voice Commands

If you're a proud new owner of an XBox One this holiday season, you're probably still learning everything about it. I was lucky enough to get mine on launch day and you can read my XBox One First Impressions article. Microsoft has been known for voice commands for years. They were one of the first [...]

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XBox One First Impressions

I am now the proud owner of a Day One XBox One gaming console! I had it on pre-order over the summer and picked it up on launch day (after the launch party). I got my unit from the Microsoft Store at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL. The sales guy said the launch party was [...]

Microsoft Details Xbox One’s Reputation System

Microsoft has just unveiled its plans for a reputation system for its upcoming Xbox One gaming console. This new system will have different levels based on a reputation score. Gamers that get reported more often will get a lower score, for example. It'll probably also reward contributors, such as those that purchase things in the [...]

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Microsoft Reverses XBox One DRM Policy

Microsoft announced details of the Xbox One on June 6th, and there was a lot of questions about the online requirements and DRM policy on used games. At that time, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One would be required to check-in online once every 24-hours to play disc-based games. They also had limitations on used [...]

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