Security Settings To Check In iOS 10

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As many of us begin to upgrade to iOS 10 that was launched earlier today, we recommend that you check some of these settings to ensure your security and privacy is still in tact. iOS 10 changed some default settings which should be changed back to the defaults from iOS 9. iOS 10 also brings new features like widgets that are accessible from the lockscreen.

Check Your Widgets


These widgets can consume unwanted data, but they can also display some personal information like your calendar appointments and travel locations. From the lockscreen, you can swipe right to view the lockscreen-enabled widgets.

To make changes to these widgets, unlock your iPhone, then swipe right to the widgets panel, and scroll down. From there, select edit, and that’s where you can modify what’s displayed on the lock screen.

Disable Frequent Locations


iOS 10 tracks where you go if you connect to wifi, similar to previous iOS versions. You can stop your phone or tablet from recording your “frequent locations” by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services and then Frequent Locations and turn the option off. For extra privacy, hit the Clear History button.

While you’re in the Location Services screen, also check the app permissions for any apps that you might not want to share your location with.

Limit What Your Locked Device Can Do & Enable Erase Data


These settings will let you select what is accessible while your phone is locked. Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and you can limit what is available on your lock screen. For maximum privacy, all items should be disabled. You can also enable the Erase Data function so that your device erases its storage after 10 failed unlock attempts.

Enable Send My Last Location

If you use the Find My iPhone feature in iCloud, you’ll want to make sure this setting is enabled so that your phone will reports its last known location before the battery dies.

To enable this one, go to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone and enable Send Last Location.

Disable Message & Mail Previews

As added security, changing these settings will hide the previews for your incoming text messages and emails. Go to Settings > Notifications, and then select Messages and Mail for text messages and email, respectively. From each screen, you can change the preview style. For maximum privacy, disable Show Previews so that message content won’t be displayed on the lock screen.

More Security Tips?

If you have any more security tips, please leave them in the comments and we’ll be glad to update the article.

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