Windows 7 Stuck At Checking For Updates

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I was recently working on an older computer that needed a fresh installation of Windows 7. I downloaded a fresh image of Windows 7 with SP1 and ran through the installation. As any IT person would, the next step I do is to download and install Windows Updates. This has never been an issue in the past. This time was different, after opening the Windows Update client, it appeared to get stuck at the “checking for updates” step and never moved any further. I came across a lot of articles online where people have been having the same experience over the past year. There were many attempts to fix the issue, but nothing that seemed to work for everyone. Here’s what worked for me…

– Stop the Windows Update service. Click Start and type Services. Scroll down to Windows Update Service and right-click and select stop.
– Try downloading and installing all of these updates:
KB3050265, KB3083710, KB3102810, KB3020369

***NOTE: You must stop the Windows Update Service after you install each KB update.

I would also download the April 2016 Convenience Rollup Package here (must use IE):

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