Review: Dodocool N300 WiFi Extender

I've had the opportunity to review the Dodocool N300 WiFi Extender over the past week. The testing environment I had was a house with three floors and a wireless router on the 3rd floor using both 802.11g and 802.11n protocols. While using the cable company provided router, there were corners on the basement level where [...]

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Fix Wireless Limited Access Default Gateway Not Available Windows 10

While using a Dell Latitude E7250 and even a Microsoft Surface 4 Pro, I recently came across an issue where the wireless connection would show the yellow exclamation point and say Limited Connectivity. While running the Troubleshoot Problems Windows troubleshooter, it would display The Default Gateway is not available. The Windows troubleshooter would reset the [...]

Fix Roku App WiFi Connection Problems

If you've used a Roku Streaming Stick and found this article, its probably because you've had connection issues with your Roku. My experience was that I was able to connect to my wifi and the Roku connection tests all showed green and my signal was strong. Randomly, one day none of my apps would connect [...]

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Windows 10 Slow Internet Speed Fixes

Now that Windows 10 has been out for a while, many users are reporting issues about slowdowns with their internet. If you have Windows 10 slow internet speed, some of these might help get you back to what you're used to. If your Windows 10 is running slow in general (apps, etc), try these tips! [...]

Tech Tip: Fix For “Windows was unable to find a certificate to log you on to the network” error on Windows XP

When you try to logon the wireless network, you may end up getting this error message: “Windows was unable to find a certificate to log you on to the network xxxx”. This error is normally related to the authentication on a wireless network, usually because the Windows is looking for 802.1x connection by mistake. Step [...]

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Tech Tip: DD-WRT iPhone And iPad Frequent Disconnect Solution

Most of you probably use a wireless router in your home or workplace. If you're tech savvy, then you've probably heard of the DD-WRT custom firmware you can load onto some routers, which gives you a lot of customization options over the stock firmware. If you use DD-WRT and also use an iPhone or iPad, [...]

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Google To Provide WiFi At All Starbucks Locations, Goodbye At&t

If you're a frequent Starbucks WiFi user, you probably know that they've been using At&t to provide their free WiFi services since they started offering it to their customers. All of that is about to change as Starbucks has signed a new agreement, making Google their new partner for WiFi. Starbucks said that Google, in [...]

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At&t Announces Enhanced Push-To-Talk App For iPhone Business Users

At&t has announced a new iPhone push-to-talk app for the business world. It is known as Enhanced Push-To-Talk (EPTT) and it'll allow users to do PTT with one person as a private call or you can PTT with a group of people. The app supports up to 250 people. The Enhanced Push-To-Talk uses Voice Over [...]

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Tech Tip: iPhone Battery Saving Tips

If you're an iPhone user, sometimes you'll notice that your battery life can be extremely poor. There are a few reasons for this and there are some settings you can check and some things you can turn off if you desperately need to squeeze a little more out of your battery. Display Battery Life Percentage [...]

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