Fix Roku App WiFi Connection Problems

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If you’ve used a Roku Streaming StickFix Roku App WiFi Connection Problems 1 and found this article, its probably because you’ve had connection issues with your Roku. My experience was that I was able to connect to my wifi and the Roku connection tests all showed green and my signal was strong. Randomly, one day none of my apps would connect to their streaming service. Hulu would say “we’re having problems connecting to our servers”. Netflix would give me a connection error NW-2-5.

Tried all the usual suggestions. I tried restarting the Roku, restarting my Wifi router, reset the Roku, changed my DNS servers, disabled 802.11n and used 802.11g. Nothing seemed to work.

The Fix

For me, the fix had to do with the wireless encryption I was using. To support stronger encryption and higher speeds, I was using WPA2-PSK with AES. AES is the stronger encryption and supports the higher speeds of 802.11n. Unfortunately, with the Roku Streaming StickFix Roku App WiFi Connection Problems 1 I was using, this caused issues. I could connect to my Wifi, but the apps couldn’t connect to their services.

I tried using AES/TKIP so that my router would support both encryptions, but that still caused issues. Unfortunately, the only way I was able to make it work was to disable AES and only use TKIP. This is a weaker encryption, but it also limits your Wifi speeds to the 802.11g speed of 54Mbps.

The details on how to do this will be specific to your wireless router. You’ll want to get the IP address of your router and the login credentials. If you need help, feel free to leave a comment below.

Hopefully Roku will release an upgrade that will fully support AES and 802.11n speeds.

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