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NMap NSE Script To Detect #WannaCry And #Petya MS17-010 SMBv1 Vulnerability

With the recent spread of the #WannaCry (Update 6/27/17: and #Petya) ransomware over the past week, the IT community has been in a frenzy to patch vulnerable systems that are missing the MS17-010 patch that Microsoft released back in March 2017. If you need to scan your network for possible vulnerable systems, you can use [...]

Connect to SMB & NAS Network Shares in OS X

I recently tried adding a Mac with OS X Yosemite onto our mostly Windows network, which includes a NAS. In the NAS, I even enabled AFP which is the default way OS X tries to connect to a server, but it kept giving me the error that it couldn't connect and to contact the systems [...]

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