Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 Will Block Websites with SHA-1 Certificates

Beginning February 14th, 2017, the Microsoft Edge browser and Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) will start blocking websites with a SHA-1 certificate. The browsers will prevent sites that are protected with a SHA-1 certificate from loading and will display an invalid certificate warning. Users will have the option to ignore the error and continue to the [...]

How To Speed Up HTTPS Sites In Windows 10 Internet Explorer

Many sites use HTTPS to encrypt information between the client (you) and the website's server. Think about your bank websites, online stores, social media sites, etc. Almost any site that requires you to login or provide private personal information will encrypt it using HTTPS. Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10 adds support for an encryption [...]

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How To Find And Use Internet Explorer 11 In Windows 10

If you're new to Windows 10 you've probably noticed that Microsoft has replaced Internet Explorer with their new Microsoft Edge browser. While Microsoft Edge comes with many enhancements over the old Internet Explorer, some websites could still have issues with the new browser. I recently ran into an issue accessing a Microsoft Exchange server's Outlook [...]

Microsoft Offers Bounties To Find Exploits, Up To $100k

In a week from now, Microsoft will be releasing a public preview of its Windows 8.1 update along with a preview of Internet Explorer 11. Today, Microsoft has posted bounties they're willing to pay to hackers that find and report real exploits in Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11. The bounty program starts on June [...]

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