How to Receive a Copy of Emails Users Report Using Outlook Report Message Feature

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Microsoft Outlook Report Message

As a system administrator, you can deploy Microsoft’s Report Message button in Outlook clients (desktop, web, and mobile app). This feature gives your users the opportunity to report emails as spam/junk, phishing, or not junk. By default, users can report messages and send them to Microsoft, but as an administrator you’ll never know that a user reported an email unless you go into the Microsoft Security & Compliance Center Threat Management Dashboard or create reports.

Add a Custom Mailbox to User Submissions

This method will report the messages to Microsoft and also send a copy of all reported messages to the custom mailbox you specify.
Microsoft Report Message Custom Mailbox

  • Log into the Microsoft Security & Compliance Center
  • Navigate to Threat Management > Policy > User Submissions
  • Select the option for Both Microsoft and a Custom Mailbox
  • Click Confirm

Reminder, setting this custom mailbox will send you a copy of both reported phishing and junk emails. If you wish to only receive a copy of one or the other, please follow the steps in the next section.

In the Threat Management Policy, you can also setup a custom message to the user before and after submissions.

Add a Mail Flow Transport Rule for User Submissions

Microsoft Report Message Mail Flow Rule
By implementing this method, you can specify whether to get a copy of only Junk emails, Phishing emails, or both.

  • Log into the Microsoft Exchange Admin Center
  • Navigate to Mail Flow > Rules
  • Create a New Rule
  • Since Microsoft sends a copy of the email to an address, Set the condition for Apply this rule if The Recipient is and add either [email protected], [email protected], or both depending on which messages you want a copy of
  • Next, add the action Do the following BCC the message to and add your reporting mailbox
  • Save the rule

You can add exceptions to this rule and set the priority. By adding the BCC, you’ll still have the message delivered to Microsoft, but you’ll also receive a copy in your reporting mailbox.

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