Microsoft Teams: How to Add Whiteboard to Teams

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft currently doesn’t have the Whiteboard app built-in to Microsoft Teams. You can use the web-based version of Whiteboard or you can install the app from the Microsoft Store. With this workaround, you can add a tab in Microsoft Teams for a specific Whiteboard.

How to Add Whiteboard to Teams

  • Using the web or app version of Whiteboard, create a new Whiteboard
  • With the Whiteboard open, click on the Share button in the upper right (a person with a +)
  • Then click on Create Sharing Link
    Microsoft Whiteboard Sharing
  • Copy the sharing link
  • Open Microsoft Teams and go into the Team and Channel where you want to add the Whiteboard tab
  • Click on the + in the tab bar to add a new tab, then select Website
  • Give your tab a name and paste the URL to the Whiteboard sharing link you copied in the steps above
  • The first time you click on the tab, you’ll be prompted to sign into your Office 365 account

Hopefully Microsoft will add built-in support for Whiteboard, but in the meantime this should work for most cases.

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