Fix There are no more BitLocker recovery options on your PC

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Fix There are no more BitLocker recovery options on your PC 1

BitLocker is a built-in encryption for Windows that will allow you to encrypt the data on your hard drive, making it difficult for someone to extract data from it if your computer was ever lost or stolen. The only way to recover your data is to have your BitLocker recovery key. Unfortunately, sometimes Windows becomes wonky and you might see a boot up screen like the image above where it says:

“There are no more BitLocker recovery options on your PC. You’ll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media. If you don’t have any installation media (like a disc or USB device), contact your system administrator or PC manufacturer.”

The good news is that if you have your BitLocker recovery key and Windows installation media (recovery CD or a USB drive). If you have a USB drive, you can download the Windows 10 Installation Media Creator Tool.

Next, you’ll need to boot to your recovery media. You’ll need to refer to your computer’s instructions to get into the BIOS if it doesn’t automatically boot to the CD or USB drive.

At some point it will prompt you for your BitLocker Recovery Key too, enter that when asked for it.

Once you boot to the recovery media, select your language options, then on the next screen click on Advanced Boot Options (NOT Install Now).

Next, select Troubleshoot then Command Prompt

To decrypt the boot drive (usually C:), use the following command:
manage-bde -off c:

Depending on the size of the drive, this could take a while. You can use this command to view the status:
manage-bde -status

You might need to scroll to find the C: drive, and you’ll want to look for Percentage Encrypted and wait for it to get to 0.0%. Keep running the status command until it is completed.
Fix There are no more BitLocker recovery options on your PC 2

Once Percentage Encrypted gets down to 0.0%, exit the Command Prompt window and restart your computer.

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