Microsoft Allowed NSA To Bypass Encryption For, Skype, and SkyDrive

The first time we heard about the secret NSA projects and the PRISM program was when Edward Snowden leaked NSA documents showing how Verizon was ordered to hand over phone records. Then we heard about larger tech involvement with the US Government, listing Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, AOL, Apple, Facebook, PalTalk, Skype, and YouTube. Edward Snowden [...]

Microsoft SkyDrive Introducing Photo Timelines And Faster Uploads

As the competition for cloud storage continues to heat up, Microsoft has announced a few new features it will be rolling out within the next 48 hours to its SkyDrive service. All Photos View This view will be updated like the image above, which will sort all of your pictures into a timeline view. They'll [...]

Tech Tip: Enable Two-Step Authentication For Your Microsoft Account

A couple of days ago Microsoft started rolling out two-step authentication for Microsoft Accounts. This small security measure can help keep your account more secure. By enabling this feature, you'll be required to enter your password as usual, but then you'll be asked to enter a security code which can be sent to you by [...]

Microsoft SkyDrive Coming To XBox 360 Today

As a part of Microsoft's efforts to streamline their services, later today you'll be able to get a SkyDrive app on your XBox 360. The SkyDrive app supports Kinect voice and gesture control as well as controller input, although voice activation is not currently available in every language. When the app goes live, just turn [...]

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Tech Tip: How To Mount SD Cards As A Local Drive In Windows

With tablets becoming more and more popular and the limited storage space they have when compared to traditional PCs and laptops, the use of removable storage can play a big role. Cloud storage is great at eliminating the need for storing files locally and more and more apps are taking advantage of this. However, there's [...]

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SkyDrive Update – Select Folders To Sync

I've been a big user of Microsoft's SkyDrive for a while now, including having the 20GB grandfathered account. I also recently upgraded to Windows Phone 8 and have a Samsung Windows 8 Pro tablet. Today, Microsoft has said that SkyDrive users have more than doubled their storage use in the past six months. Cloud computing [...]

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Microsoft Office 2013 Web Apps Live On SkyDrive

With the launch of Windows 8 right around the corner and the new pricing scheme of the Office 2013 suite, Microsoft has now announced that the web version of its Office 2013 suite is now available and live through SkyDrive. We've been able to edit and create Office documents from within SkyDrive for a while [...]

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