How To Fix INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR Windows 10 Blue Screen

If you've recently installed Windows 10 and have run into the INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR blue screen and reboot loop, then some of these steps might help you get your computer up and running again. The INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR blue screen is usually caused by a graphics card driver that needs to be updated to make it compatible with Windows [...]

Windows Blue v8.1 Details Released – Free, Coming June 26th

Today at the JP Morgan Technology, Media & Telecom Conference in Boston, Tami Reller shared some details about the upcoming Windows Blue update that's coming this year. First of all, Microsoft is considering it an update, not a service pack like we've seen with previous versions of Windows. Second, it'll be called Windows 8.1 and [...]

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Tech Tip: Enable Bing Lockscreen Images In Windows 8.1.9385 via Registry Tweak

Bing has offered the Bing Desktop app to Windows 7 users for a while ago, which allows your desktop wallpaper to sync with the Bing image of the day. With Windows 8, this isn't needed as much since you're usually on the tile screen. With the latest leak of the upcoming Windows 8.1, there's now [...]

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Microsoft’s ‘Blue’ Updates Apply to Windows, Windows Phone, Windows Server, and Microsoft Services

In a move that seems Apple-like when it comes to operating system updates, we've known for a while now that Microsoft plans to provide updates to Windows 8 in a different manner than what we're used to. Codenamed Microsoft Blue, Microsoft will be offering future updates to the OS that would include hotfixes as well [...]

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