Fix Deployment and Application do not have Matching Security Zones Error

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cannot start application

When running an application that you recently downloaded from the internet (even some from Microsoft), you may come across the error as seen above, “Application cannot be started. Contact the application vendor”. If you click on the Details button, it’ll open a text file that probably has the lines “Deployment and application do not have matching security zones” in it. This isn’t very descriptive at all. I was trying to run the Microsoft.Exchange.Connectivity.Analysis.Tool.application, but this probably applies to most .application files.

Since nobody uses Internet Explorer anymore, I tried to download the application using Chrome and Firefox, and they both resulted in the same error.

How To Fix Deployment and Application do not have Matching Security Zones Error

The solution is to download the application using Internet Explorer.

By doing this, the .application file itself doesn’t actually download, instead it is run within Internet Explorer.

If you’re prompted to select a program to open the application in, select Internet Explorer here also.

Once you follow these steps, your .application should run without an issue.

The reason for this issue is because Chrome and Firefox do not use the IE Security Settings and the application will check your security zones, but it can only do this from within Internet Explorer.

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