Windows 10 KB4100347 Intel Microcode Update Boot Issues

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Windows 10 KB4100347 Intel Microcode Update Boot Issues 1

Microsoft released KB4100347 last week which was an Intel microcode update to address another Spectre vulnerability. Microsoft has been plagued with Windows Updates issues over the past few months, and while the August Patch Tuesday went a little smoother, this KB4100347 update is starting to cause boot and startup issues for users, especially those using Xeon processors, but also some reports of i3, i5, and i7 users. Luckily, there’s a Reddit user that was able to successfully remove the update and boot into their system.

How to Remove KB4100347 Windows Update

  • Boot into WinRE (press F9 before Windows starts)
  • Choose Advanced Options and go to the command line option
  • You need to find your Windows disk and replace C below if your disk is different. You can type list disk and find it, then type exit.
  • Type dism /image:C /get-packages. This should result in a list of packages. Find KB4100347. It’s name is quite long, but you can copy it by selecting it and right clicking.
  • Type dism /image:C /remove-package /PackageName:
  • Type dism /image:C /cleanup-image /revertpendingactions to remove the update
  • Once you get back into Windows, you’ll want to block KB4100347 or it’ll install itself again.

Unfortunately there has been no acknowledgement from Microsoft and their Support Article hasn’t been updated since July.

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