Windows Blue v8.1 Details Released – Free, Coming June 26th

Today at the JP Morgan Technology, Media & Telecom Conference in Boston, Tami Reller shared some details about the upcoming Windows Blue update that's coming this year. First of all, Microsoft is considering it an update, not a service pack like we've seen with previous versions of Windows. Second, it'll be called Windows 8.1 and [...]

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Microsoft’s Metro IE10 Getting An Update To Allow Flash On Almost All Sites Tomorrow

Starting with a rollout tomorrow, the Metro-UI (Modern UI) version of Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8 and Windows RT will automatically allow websites to run Flash unless they're on a block list. Previously, this version of IE10 had a whitelist where Microsoft could store safe sites for Flash, or you could view the sites [...]

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Windows 8 Metro Browser Flash Tool Whitelist Editor – Updated v1.6

Updated 2/25/2013 - v1.6 Released There's now an updated version of this handy little app available which squashes a few bugs and also allows you to do a backup and restore on your whitelist. As pictured above, the new array of options are: •Option 1 will allow you to import that custom whitelist that is [...]

How To Run Some Full Windows x86 Apps On An Unlocked Surface RT

If you're the owner of a Microsoft Surface RT, then you're probably aware of the fact that you can only run ARM applications from the Microsoft Store. If you're brave enough to unlock your Surface RT (instructions for that can be found here), then you can also run this little emulator app that will let [...]

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Sneak Peek At Nokia’s Upcoming Music+

Nokia has announced its upcoming subscription-based Music+ app, which will be coming within the next few weeks. The video below has been released, which demonstrates some of its features. The subscription is €3.99/$3.99 a month (also rumored to be $3.99/month for those in the US), and it will give you unlimited offline caching of stations, [...]

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Microsoft PLAY – Bringing XBox Games To Windows 8/RT

Windows 8 and Windows RT systems are now able to access some Xbox games through a system known as Microsoft PLAY. This system is part of PlayXBLA, aka Xbox Live Arcade, Microsoft’s initiative dedicated to bringing games developed in part (or in whole) by Microsoft itself, often collaborating with independent development studios to bring optimized [...]

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Tech Tip: Reduce Touchscreen Lag In Windows 8

While originally intended for the Surface RT, this little hack seems to work on all Windows 8 tablets. I tested it on my Samsung Ativ Smart PC with Windows 8 Pro and it seems to make an improvement as well. This registry tweak increases the polling setting for your touchscreen. So far there's no real [...]

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Win8 Tweak: Enable Flash Websites In IE Metro Browser For Windows 8 RT & Pro

While we appreciate Microsoft trying to make Windows more secure, this one can be a little annoying. In Windows 8 and the IE Metro Browser, Microsoft has decided to limit flash support on websites to those in a whitelist, approved by Microsoft. This is fine as long as the sites you visit are in the [...]

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