Fix Outlook 2016 Crashes At Startup Windows.UI.Xaml.dll or Mail (32-bit) Control Panel Doesn’t Work

I recently ran into an issue where Outlook 2016 would randomly crash either at startup or during normal operations. In my case, during the crash I could hover my mouse over the taskbar icon and see there was a hidden popup box asking for Windows Credentials, but I couldn't get the box to appear. While [...]

Password Protect OneNote Notes

If you're a heavy OneNote user, there's a possibility you might have some information saved that you don't want anyone to access. Whether you have it stored locally or in the cloud like OneDrive, you might also want to password protect your notebook with a different password. Unfortunately, there's not a way to password protect [...]

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Microsoft Office Mobile For Android Now Available

Last month Microsoft released Microsoft Office Mobile for iOS, today, they're releasing it for Android devices. There's still no tablet-optimized version for Android, just like there's none for the iPad. The new app will require an Office 365 subscription and is available in the Google Play Store. The Microsoft Office Mobile suite brings you Word, [...]

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