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Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Build 10586 To Insiders

Microsoft has begun pushing out its latest Windows 10 build to insiders set up for Fast Ring updates, Windows 10 Build 10586. Earlier this week, there were rumors floating around that Microsoft has signed off on build 10586 as its Fall Update for Windows 10 (known also as 'Threshold 2' or 'TH2'). So far Microsoft [...]

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Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Build 10576 To Insiders

If you're a part of Microsoft's Insider Preview program for Windows 10, you'll be happy to hear that they've announced build 10576 for fast ring users. Remember, in your update settings you can select which ring you're a member of. According to the Windows Blog: Media Casting in Microsoft Edge: You can now use Microsoft [...]

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KB3105208 causing BSOD on some devices running latest Windows 10 Insider Preview

A recent update (KB3105208) is causing hundreds of users to see the dreaded 'Blue Screen of Death' (BSOD) on their PCs running the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10565. The issues appears to be affecting those users running this latest Insider Preview build and have Secure Boot/UEFI enabled. Source: Microsoft Community Forums Microsoft's Support Engineer [...]

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Windows 10 Build 10525 Insider Preview Released

If you're currently running an Insider Preview build of Windows 10 and are set to receive Fast Ring updates, you'll be pleased to see that Microsoft has released Windows 10 Build 10525 today. As with all Windows 10 Insider Preview builds, there comes some new features and some known issues. Windows 10 Build 10525 New [...]

Workaround for Windows 10 Build 10122 Failing At 18% During Upgrade

If you're running into your Windows 10 Build 10122 failing at 18% during upgrade from a previous version, here's a possible fix for you. The 18% marker is usually the device driver migration process. Ironically enough, the issues mostly appear to be happening on Microsoft's own Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 2 tablets.   [...]