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Review: OLALA ID100 iDisk iPhone External Memory Stick

About a month ago, I reviewed the OLALA ID101N iDisk External Flash Drive and walked away impressed by it. This time around, I'm reviewing the OLALA ID100 iDisk External Memory Stick, which also features 64GB of external storage for your iPhone. This drive also requires the iDisk Me app to view the contents on the [...]

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Review: OLALA ID101N 64GB iDisk iPhone USB3.0 Flash Drive External Storage

As we all know, the iPhone has limited storage when you purchase one. You have a few storage options, but sometimes your storage can fill up in a hurry. If you're a commuter or traveler, there might be a time when you'll want to save of pictures of videos offline for viewing without using your [...]

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How to set up a USB external storage on Xbox One for new games and apps

If you got a shiny new XBox One for the holidays, you might want to expand the storage so that you can install all of your games. The good news is that you can add an external hard drive to your XBox One to add more storage. The original Microsoft XBox One offered 500GB of [...]

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