How To Enable GodMode In Windows 10

After using Wimdows 10 for a while, you'll notice that Microsoft has split up the old Control Panel into the new Settings menu and the traditional Control Menu. If you still want to access things in the traditional Control Panel, a new way has been discovered, dubbed GodMode, which has actually existed in past versions [...]

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Tech Tip: Display Desktop Notification For Windows Updates In Windows 8

If you've been using Windows 8 for a while now, you might have noticed that it doesn't alert you when there are updates available through Windows Update like previous versions did. Instead, you have to go into your PC Settings and Windows Update to see what's available. If you have it set to automatically install, [...]

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Tech Tip: Add An Applications Folder To Windows 8 Desktop

Since there's no start menu in Windows 8 desktop mode like there was in previous versions (or without a 3rd party app), here's one little trick that will add a folder shortcut onto your desktop that will automatically display links to all of your apps. How To - Right click on your desktop and select [...]

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Intel Considering Soldering Processors To Motherboards

I remember the day when I built my first desktop computer, almost 12 years ago now. The excitement of going to Fry's Electronics without much of a budget and an empty shopping cart, reading specs of each component and deciding what was best for me. Piece by piece, I selected my motherboard, processor, memory, video [...]

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