Fix iCloud Contacts Missing or Not Syncing to Mac

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Contacts Missing or Not Syncing Mac

There are times when your Contacts app on your Mac might get out of sync with iCloud. In my case, the Contacts app kept showing contacts and data from over 2 years ago, despite my phone and iCloud web showing current information. One quick thing to try is to go into your iCloud settings on your Mac and turn off Contacts sync, wait for them to clear out of the Contacts app, then turn it back on. Unfortunately this didn’t work for me and the same old contacts reappeared. Luckily, I found the solution that worked for me.

Step 1: Force Quit the Contacts App

  • Press Command + Option + esc or click the Apple icon > Force Quit
  • Select the Contacts app and click Force Quit

Force Mac to Resync Your Address Book

  • Open Finder click the Go menu then Go to Folder
  • Paste this address and press enter: ~/Library/Application Support/
  • Select the folder called AddressBook and rename it to AddressBook-old
  • Open the Contacts app and it will automatically create a new AddressBook folder and sync all your contacts from iCloud as long as you’re connected to the internet
  • Once you have all the contacts from iCloud, you can delete the Old AddressBook folder

If you have issues, you can quit the Contacts app again, then rename the AddressBook-old folder back to AddressBook and the old contacts will reappear.

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