How To Setup Email Notifications For Windows Certificate Authority Events

If you manage a Windows Certificate Authority, you'll probably want to setup email notifications when certain events happen within your PKI. For example, services start/stop, a certificate gets issued, a certificate gets revoked, a certificate request is pending, etc. Without email notifications, a Certificate Authority Manager would need to periodically check the CA for new [...]

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Yahoo! Brings New Mail Client To Web, iOS, Android, and Windows 8

For those of you that use Yahoo! Mail, today is your lucky day! They're rolling out new apps for iOS, Android, and Windows 8, as well as a new web client. According to their CEO, the new client has "minimized distracting elements and made speed a key focus". Email is the ultimate daily habit. It’s [...]

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Fake Microsoft Windows Update emails try to steal your Gmail, Yahoo, AOL passwords

Beware any emails which claim to come from It could be that you're being targeted in an attack designed to steal your AOL, Gmail, Yahoo or Windows Live password. At first glance, if you don't look too carefully, the emails entitled "Microsoft Windows Update" may appear harmless enough. But the grammatical errors and occasional [...]

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