Windows 8 Metro Browser Flash Tool Whitelist Editor – Updated v1.6

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Updated 2/25/2013 – v1.6 Released

There’s now an updated version of this handy little app available which squashes a few bugs and also allows you to do a backup and restore on your whitelist.

As pictured above, the new array of options are:
•Option 1 will allow you to import that custom whitelist that is packaged with the tool.
•Option 2 will restore the default flash settings and whitelist.
•Option 3 will allow you to Backup or Restore your Whitelist .
•Option 4 will allow you to add any flash website you want to the Whitelist.
•Option 5 will display the about page.
•Option 6 will exit the tool.

You can now find the project hosted over at DroidKid here.

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If you’re using Windows 8 and the Metro version of Internet Explorer (the one you access from the tile), you might have noticed that Flash doesn’t work on all websites. That’s because Microsoft uses a whitelist feature to only enable Flash on websites that they approve. This list gets updated through Windows Updates.

A while back, I wrote an article on a couple methods you could try to add your own sites to the whitelist, or edit the registry to add a “debug” site.

Now a user over at Neowin has written a nifty little script that lets you add websites easily, backup your current custom whitelist file, disable auto updates, etc.

The only downsides are that your custom list will be overwritten when Microsoft updates the file next, or if you disable the auto-update, then you won’t be getting the latest versions of Microsoft’s list.

The user has also created a little walkthrough video…

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