win8If you’ve been keeping up with our Windows 8.1 news, you’ll know that Microsoft is planning on releasing a consumer preview version on June 26th, in timing with their BUILD conference. The official retail version will be released later this year.

ZDNet is reporting that all Windows 8 users will get a notification about the preview release, with specific information and warnings. These warnings state that if you install the preview version, you’ll have to reinstall all apps (from the Microsoft Store and all desktop apps) when you upgrade to the RTM (official retail) version later this year.

Reinstalling the apps from the Microsoft Store isn’t too bad since you can just go to My Apps and reinstall from there. The downside is that any data associated with those apps will be lost. You’ll also have to reinstall all of your older desktop apps as well, which takes a bit longer.

Personally, I think they shouldn’t send out a mass notification about the preview version. I see a lot of upset customers later this year when they go to upgrade to the final version and find out they’ve lost their apps and data. They should keep it within the tech community and just have a link for the upgrade, or at least hide it somewhere within menus. Maybe they could make it searchable in the Microsoft Store.