Verizon Selling Your Data; Opt-Out Now!

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Verizon Selling Your Data; Opt-Out Now! 1

Verizon has begun selling customer information, according to a report by Yahoo!. The carrier is passing on geographical locations, app usage and even web browsing activities to third-parties. This has of course raised privacy questions.

In the beginning of October, Verizon started offering reports to marketers showing what subscribed customers are doing on mobile phones, including what iOS and Android apps are used in locations.

Verizon states data supplied to third-party databases may be coupled with information about customers’ gender, age, and even personal details such as sports enthusiast, frequent diner or pet owner. Bill Diggins, US chief for the Verizon Wireless marketing initiative, said the following to an industry conference earlier this year.

Verizon Wireless’s initiative, called Precision Market Insights, is said to be legal due to the information collected being aggregated and doesn’t reveal customer identity, not to mention customers can indeed opt-out.

Luckily there’s an option to opt-out, so be sure to check out Verizon’s website for more information.

Source: Yahoo!

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