The Truth Behind The Privacy Panic Around The Facebook Messenger Requirement

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There’s been an recent uproar online about Facebook’s latest decision to do away with Messenger inside their smartphone Facebook app and forcing users to install the Facebook Messenger app. Many people already use the Messenger app, but some still just message from within the Facebook app. Unfortunately, in the near future, those users will soon be forced to install the Facebook Messenger app.

The main concern online are the false articles saying that installing the Facebook Messenger app on your phone gives them all sorts of permissions to do things on your phone without you knowing. If you look at the permissions it requires, people think it will allow the Facebook Messenger app to turn your wifi or cell network on and off at will, or be able to access your camera whenever it wants, without your permission or send SMS text messages at leisure.

The truth is, a lot of social network apps already ask for these permissions as well. It is not so Facebook can spy on you, but it is to allow the app to perform some of its features, such as accessing the camera within the app, or call or SMS a contact from within the app. Without these permissions, the Facebook Messenger app wouldn’t be able to do these features.

Now, you can still choose to not install the Facebook Messenger app, but if you choose to do that, then I suggest you look at the permissions of other apps you have installed and uninstall those too.

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