Troubleshoot Blackberry Curve or Bold With Stuck Trackpad And Keys

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blackberryIf you have a Blackberry Curve with a SIM card, you may have run into an issue where your trackpad doesn’t work or none of the keys seem to work. I recently had a Blackberry Curve 9630 that appeared to have a hardware issue. The only way to get the screen on was to use the volume up key or to use the lock/unlock button on the top of the phone. Even with the screen on, you couldn’t scroll anywhere or click on anything. You couldn’t even answer a call because the answer button wouldn’t work. Eventually, clicking on random keys on the keyboard seemed to “unlock” the phone and you could somewhat use it. Even then, sometimes you had to hold the ALT key down while scrolling, otherwise the trackpad wouldn’t work.

Some basic troubleshooting tips would include removing the battery and rebooting, remove the microSD card, and remove the SIM card. You can even go to the extreme of reloading (or loading a new version) Blackberry OS.

As odd as it sounds, removing the SIM card actually worked in my situation. Booting the phone up without a SIM card made the phone work like it should. I could scroll, turn the screen on and off, go into apps and menus, all without a problem. As soon as I put the SIM card back in it, it would lock up again. I also tried it with another SIM card, and the phone worked fine with that card.

I’ll be getting a replacement phone in a few days, so I’m curious to see if the “broken” SIM card works in that phone or if I’ll have to replace the card. I’ll report back with my findings.

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