Tech Tip: Windows Phone How To Fix Stuck Live Tiles That Won’t Update

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If you’re a Windows Phone user, you might have run into an issue where some, or all, of your live tiles seem to get stuck and stop updating. These fixes mainly apply to Windows Phone 8, but might work with 7.x. Keep in mind, there’s also mass confirmation that there’s an issue with the 7.8 update, so these fixes may not help that at all.

In my experience, the thing that seems to always cause the tiles to stop updating is when I have to do a forceful reboot where I have to hold in the Volume Down and Power buttons to force a reboot. This can happen when your phone freezes either because of the OS or an app locks the whole phone. When you power the phone back on, some of your live tiles won’t update.

You might be in luck! There’s a combination of things you can try to get your tiles working again without having to do a hard reset and start from scratch.

Do A Normal Reboot

The first thing you can do is try a normal reboot. You do this by holding in the power button until you get the “Slide Down To Power Off” on your screen. After you slide down on your screen, the phone will power off. Then hold in the power button again to turn it back on.

Clear Your Internet Explorer Cache And History

This one seems like an odd choice, but it is an official suggestion from Microsoft Support themselves. To do this, go to settings, then swipe over to Applications, then select Internet Explorer. On the next screen, click on the Delete History button and confirm that you want to delete the files.

Block Background Tasks & Re-enable

To do this one, go into your settings and swipe over to Applications, then select Background Tasks. For all of the apps you have a live tile for, select that app and click on the Block button and check the box that says “Turn background tasks back on for this app the next time I open it”.


There’s definitely a bug somewhere that causes some live tiles to stop working. There’s also been mentions that there’s a limit to 6 apps outside of the OS tiles that you can use for live tiles.

The way I got mine working again was to block the background tasks, delete the IE history, then do a normal reboot. Once the phone came back on, my Me tile started updating, then I opened my weather app and a few others and they all started working again.

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