Tech Tip: Google Talk Desktop App In Windows 8.1

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googleIf you’ve been using the Windows 8.1 Preview and are a Google Talk user, you might have realized that the Google Talk desktop app doesn’t connect with Windows 8.1 Preview. It’ll constantly try to reconnect, then you’ll get a message “Connection to the Google Talk service was blocked”.

While there are other ways you can use Google Talk, such as in Chrome, in, or 3rd party apps such as IM+, there’s still a workaround to get the Google Talk desktop app to work in Windows 8.1. Most of us have downloaded the en-US (global) version of the app. Instead, the en-GB (UK) version still works in Windows 8.1. You’ll miss a few features like file transfer, but at least the app will load and connect.

You can download the en-GB version of Google Talk here:

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