Tech Tip: Creating A Multiboot USB Drive w/ YUMI

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Tech Tip: Creating A Multiboot USB Drive w/ YUMI 1

If you’re an IT professional like myself, then you probably carry quite a few things with you for basic troubleshooting. One of those is probably a USB stick with useful portable apps, and a few others might be a Linux LiveCD, Hiren’s BootCD, or other tools to fix Windows PCs. How would you like to combine all of those onto one USB drive? Consolidation is my favorite! Why carry around multiple tools when you can do it with one or a few?

This is where YUMI comes in. It is a little Windows app that lets you create a multiboot USB drive from ISO files. It offers you a huge variety of ISO files you can use, and most even take you to a direct download link in case you don’t have it yet. The other nice thing about this app is that you can also remove ISOs at any time, or add new ones, making updating very easy.

Tech Tip: Creating A Multiboot USB Drive w/ YUMI 2

You can use it for just about any Linux distro out there that offers a LiveCD. You can even create a Windows XP/Vista/7 installation disc as an option.

You can run through the app for one ISO, then after that’s completed, you’ll have the option of adding another one. However, you don’t have to add more at that time. You can close the app and come back to it later if you want to add more.

Another nice thing is that it keeps your USB drive as FAT32, so you can still use it to store your files.

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