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T-Mobile UNcarrier Event Announcements

T-Mobile is holding their UNcarrier event as I'm writing this article, but the folks over at Slashgear got their hands on an official press release announcing all of T-Mobile's new products and services that will be revealed shortly. Simple Choice Plan The plan starts at $50 per month for 500MB of data, and customers can [...]

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At&t Blackberry Z10 Launch Date & Pricing Confirmed

Blackberry 10 is finally coming to the US, starting with the Z10 coming to At&t. You can pre-order the device tomorrow, and it'll be available in stores on March 22nd. The phone will run you $199 with a two-year contract.

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Blackberry BB10 Announcements Today Blackberry10

RIM had a slew of announcements today with their launch of Blackberry 10 (BB10). First of all, they're ditching the RIM name and just going by BlackBerry now. Next up are the two launch flagship devices, known as the Z10 and Q10. There will be over 70,000 apps available at launch. The UK will have [...]