Microsoft XBox Announcements At E3

Microsoft has a few announcements today at the E3 2013 gaming conference, Microsoft has announced changes to its Xbox Live subscriptions, doing away with the Microsoft Points, and a new Xbox 360. They've also just announced pricing and availability of the new Xbox One. Xbox One The new Xbox One will be released this November [...]

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Microsoft Reveals Used XBox One Games And Online Connectivity Limitations

Microsoft revealed the Xbox One last month, but left some of our questions unanswered. Today, a couple of those have been answered on the official blog, Xbox Wire. Constant Internet Connection First of all, there were rumors that the Xbox One would have to have a constant internet connection. This turns out to be false, [...]

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Microsoft Announces Kinect Hardware For Windows Coming In 2014

Earlier this week at the Xbox Reveal, Microsoft said it would be bringing the Kinect Hardware to Windows users. Through their Kinect For Windows Blog, they've announced that it would be available to consumers sometime in 2014. Microsoft has said the new Kinect will come with a new HD camera and a new microphone which [...]

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Microsoft Reveals XBox One

Microsoft's big XBox Reveal event was held today as they announced the new XBox One (previously rumored to be the XBox 720) gaming console. Microsoft is targeting the XBox One as "the ultimate all in one entertainment system - one system for a new generation". Unfortunately, there was no mention of an actual release date, [...]

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