Music Feeds The Soul

No matter where you are in life, music can always play a big role in your mood and outlook on life. When you think about it, there's a type of music that fits in every situation and every mood. When you're depressed, there's probably a type of music you still like listening to. When you [...]

Microsoft Windows 8 App Updates For XBox Music, Nokia Music, and XBox Video Available

Available now in the Microsoft Store are updates to the Windows 8 Xbox Music and Xbox Video apps. Nokia has also released an update to its Music app. Unfortunately there's no patch notes to any of these apps yet, but definitely a change in version numbers. Source: Microsoft Store

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Tech Tip: Getting XBox Music Playlists To Sync To Windows Phone 8

I've been using Windows Phone since they first launched it with Windows Phone 7 and I've been an Xbox Music Pass subscriber (previously Zune Pass) for just as long. When Windows Phone 8 came out I was excited about all of the new features. One change they made was to drop the Zune software and [...]

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XBox Music Details Accidentally Leaked

It appears as though Microsoft has accidentally leaked some information about its upcoming change to XBox Music from the current Zune. This summer, Microsoft announced that it was going to be changing the Zune service to XBox Music. They've already made the changes noticeable in a few places, including Windows 8. When Microsoft prepares for [...]

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