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How To Setup Google Voice WiFi Calling With Sipdroid On Android

If you have an old Android phone laying around and you want to be able to use it for phone calls, you can setup Google Voice WiFi Calling With Sipdroid. There are a few walkthroughs around, but none were really easy to follow or complete. 1) Google Voice - First step is to get a [...]

Facebook Rolls Out Free Calling To iPhone Users In US

The other week, we announced that Facebook was rolling out a few new features to their Messaging app, along with testing a VoIP calling feature to Canada users. Today, The Verge is reporting that this feature is rolling out to US iPhone users now.

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Facebook Adds Voice Recording To Messenger App & Testing VOIP In Canada

Facebook has released an update to its Messenger app for both iOS and Android which now allows you to send and receive voice messages. The voice messages can be up to one minute long and works similar to the video recording option in its Poke app. There are a few apps that offer similar "Push-To-Talk" [...]

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