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Google+ Diminishing

Google is a large company that starts and stops many projects and trials. For the longest time, GMail was considered a beta test product. Google+ has been around for a while now, but it never really thrived as a social network to compete with Facebook and Twitter. As a user, there were things I liked [...]

Windows Phone 8.1 ‘Preview For Developers’ Coming Next Week

For those of you out there who have a Windows Phone, now might be a good time to lookup the Preview For Developers program. If you're an Android user, you might be frustrated with waiting around for your mobile carrier to push out Android updates to your phone. iPhone users don't have this issue since [...]

Apple Announces iOS7

"The biggest change to iOS since the induction of the iPhone" is what Apple is calling iOS7. It'll feature a clean, fresh look with new fonts, new icons and new translucent bars. Since iOS7 is almost all about a redesign, I'll have to supply some pictures, right? Here you go, hot off the press! Apple's [...]

Twitter Adds Two-Factor Authentication For Added Security

Today, Twitter has rolled out a new security feature that helps prevent account hacking. List most other high-profile sites, they've started offering two-factor authentication. This means in addition to your regular password, you can setup your account so that you need to enter a six-digit code that is sent to you via text message. How-To [...]

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Google Turns On Google+ Sign-Ins & In-App Posting

Today Google made a move to bring Google+ closer to Facebook and Twitter. They've opened up Google+ Sign-ins for websites, similar to Facebook Connect and Sign In With Twitter. Some sites already using this feature include: FitBit,,, the UK Guardian newspaper, and USA Today. • On Android devices only, using your Google account [...]

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Microsoft Office 365 Has Apps!

Microsoft Office 365 (Office 2013) just launched the other day and while users are still getting used to it, there's one feature that hasn't received much attention, and that's apps! Within the Microsoft Office apps, you can actually access and download apps within those apps, sort of like plugins. At launch, there are about 200 [...]

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Microsoft’s Information Social Network Socl Now Open For All

As if there aren't enough social networks out there like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, etc, Microsoft has now opened up their "informational social network" Socl ( for everyone to join! Some features include: Posts. Viewing the rapid feed on Socl is faster and, well, just better. The home screen is all about the beautiful [...]

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Site To Get Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers And Google+ Adds For Your Site

In this post, I am going to share a clever trick to get free Facebook likes, Google Plus ones and Website traffic for those visitors of my blog who are running any type of website. Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter are the best social media websites that can be used increase website traffic and presence [...]

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