Microsoft Reverses XBox One DRM Policy

Microsoft announced details of the Xbox One on June 6th, and there was a lot of questions about the online requirements and DRM policy on used games. At that time, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One would be required to check-in online once every 24-hours to play disc-based games. They also had limitations on used [...]

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Sony PS4 Announcements At E3

Back in February, Sony revealed their specs for the upcoming Playstation 4. Last night at E3, they released pricing and availability (after Microsoft announced their plans for the Xbox One). Sony announced their pricing, release date, online gaming information, and the new PlayStation Plus subscription. Pricing & Availability For a basic unit, Sony will sell [...]

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Microsoft Reveals XBox One

Microsoft's big XBox Reveal event was held today as they announced the new XBox One (previously rumored to be the XBox 720) gaming console. Microsoft is targeting the XBox One as "the ultimate all in one entertainment system - one system for a new generation". Unfortunately, there was no mention of an actual release date, [...]

Sony Reveals Playstation 4 Specs

Today was Sony's big day for announcements as they revealed the Playstation 4 which is coming this holiday season. Many people were disappointed that they didn't get to see an actual PS4 on display, but so far the specs don't disappoint. We can expect it to have an 8-core 64-bit x86 "Jaguar" CPU built by [...]

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