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OpenSSL Patches High-Severity OCSP Bug & Mitigates SWEET32 Attack

A vulnerability in the OpenSSL implementation of the Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) was patched this week, closing a denial-of-service weakness in affected servers. OCSP is an alternative in many cases to Certificate Revocation Lists where a client can use the protocol to ping a server requesting the status of a digital certificate. The vulnerability, [...]

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Mozilla Plans Firefox Update Tuesday For MitM Attacks

Mozilla officials have announced that they plan to push a security update for their Firefox browser on Tuesday, September 20, 2016. This patch fixes the same cross-platform, malicious code-execution vulnerability patched Friday in the Tor browser. The Attack The vulnerability allows an attacker who has a man-in-the-middle position and is able to obtain a forged [...]

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Google Releases “Master Key” Android Fix To OEMs

Google has released a patch for the "Master Key Vulnerability" that was revealed a few months ago. The patch has to go through the OEMs (Samsung, HTC, etc), then it will be pushed to your phone. The security hole affected how Android apps were cryptographically verified and installed, with the exploit allowing someone to modify [...]

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