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BlackBerry Messenger Coming To iOS And Android This Summer

One feature that every (or almost every) BlackBerry owner loved was BBM, or BlackBerry Messenger. It used a pin number as your ID/Username and let you send instant messages to other BlackBerry owners. It sparked things like Apple's iMessage, Kik Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. Now with Blackberry 10 out in the wild, BlackBerry has announced that [...]

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Facebook Adds Voice Recording To Messenger App & Testing VOIP In Canada

Facebook has released an update to its Messenger app for both iOS and Android which now allows you to send and receive voice messages. The voice messages can be up to one minute long and works similar to the video recording option in its Poke app. There are a few apps that offer similar "Push-To-Talk" [...]

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Facebook Looking To Compete With WhatsApp & SMS Alternatives

We've seen Facebook try out many features in the past and some have been successful and others have failed or just never caught on. One of them being email, and even changing everyone's default email address to a Facebook Mail address. Yesterday, there were rumors floating around the internet that Facebook was interested in buying [...]