Evasi0n Untethered Jailbreak For iOS 6.1 and iPhone 5 Released

We knew it was coming, and today is finally the day, where you can do an untethered jailbreak of your shiny iPhone 5. Previously, there were tethered jailbreaks, which means you have to have your phone connected to your computer whenever you restart it, otherwise the jailbreak would stop working. With an untethered one, you [...]

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Facebook Adds Voice Recording To Messenger App & Testing VOIP In Canada

Facebook has released an update to its Messenger app for both iOS and Android which now allows you to send and receive voice messages. The voice messages can be up to one minute long and works similar to the video recording option in its Poke app. There are a few apps that offer similar "Push-To-Talk" [...]

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Google+ Updates For Android & iOS & Web

Android Google announced today an update for the Google+ app for Android users. One new feature is the ability to interact with the Google+ Communities, which just launched last week. It also allows for full-size photo uploads. Now, if you have the Instant Upload feature turned on, up to 5GB of full-size images can be [...]

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Google Maps Now Available In iOS App Store

For those of you that have been disappointed in Apple Maps for the iPhone 5, last night, Google released the much anticipated Google Maps app. Nokia released their Nokia Maps app a while ago, which felt rushed to the market. The new Google Maps isn't like the old built-in maps app that Apple had before. [...]

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Yahoo! Brings New Mail Client To Web, iOS, Android, and Windows 8

For those of you that use Yahoo! Mail, today is your lucky day! They're rolling out new apps for iOS, Android, and Windows 8, as well as a new web client. According to their CEO, the new client has "minimized distracting elements and made speed a key focus". Email is the ultimate daily habit. It’s [...]

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Nokia Here Maps Now Available In Apple’s App Store

Last week I reported that Google was putting the finishing touches on their Google Maps app for Apple devices. Today, Nokia has beat Google to the punch and has released their version of Here Maps with features including live traffic information, public transportation data, voice-guided walking navigation and more. Features: • Map views – Pick [...]

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Facebook for iOS Gets Update – Sharing, Tagging, and More!

If you have an iPhone and are a heavy Facebook user, then this update might include some features that interest you! One frustration people have had when using Facebook on their iPhone is the lack of a sharing button. Now, with the app works similar to the website, allowing you to share your friend's photos, [...]

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Google Maps App Nearing Completion For iOS

According to CNet, the much anticipated Google Maps app for the iPhone is nearing completion and is in the final stage of testing. We all know how bad the Apple Maps app got with iOS 5, so this will offer much relief to those iPhone users still needing a reliable navigation app. The reports even [...]

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Blackberry 10 To Launch On January 30th

In the world of the iPhone, Android, and now Windows Phone 8, the much anticipated Blackberry 10 now as a release date, and that's January 30th, 2013. It has been in the works for a while now and has been delayed a number of times. It will have multiple events and a global launch. They've [...]

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