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Google Bringing Expanded Offline Maps And Navigation To iOS

Google Maps users will be able to pre-load specific areas, from an individual city to an entire country for offline use in the iOS app. Google Maps will automatically turn to this cache when the internet connection is poor or non-existent, and switch back to live maps when a connection returns. Point-of-interest search and routing [...]

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Google Maps 2.0 For iOS With Offline Cache

Last week, Google announced some big updates for Google Maps. Those updates were made available for Google's Android devices first. Recently, the Google Maps update hit the Apple App Store, and now you can get Google Maps 2.0 for your iOS device. Version 2.0 brings some of the features found in Android over to iOS. [...]

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Big Google Maps Update Available For Android, Coming Soon To iPhone And Tablets

Google is pushing out some major updates for its Google Maps app, included a dedicated version for Android tablets and the iPad. Google will gradually be rolling it out to Android devices through the Google Play Store, and it should be available for the iPhone in the Apple App Store soon. Google released Google Maps [...]

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Google I/O 2013 Day 1 Roundup

Today was Day 1 of the Google I/O Conference, where they discuss new features and plans for 2013. Let's just say, they started today off with a bang, talking about everything from Android, to Google+, Chrome, and Google Maps. I'll try to provide a roundup of the announcements made today. Google Play First on our [...]

Google Maps Now Available In iOS App Store

For those of you that have been disappointed in Apple Maps for the iPhone 5, last night, Google released the much anticipated Google Maps app. Nokia released their Nokia Maps app a while ago, which felt rushed to the market. The new Google Maps isn't like the old built-in maps app that Apple had before. [...]

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Nokia Here Maps Now Available In Apple’s App Store

Last week I reported that Google was putting the finishing touches on their Google Maps app for Apple devices. Today, Nokia has beat Google to the punch and has released their version of Here Maps with features including live traffic information, public transportation data, voice-guided walking navigation and more. Features: • Map views – Pick [...]

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Google Maps App Nearing Completion For iOS

According to CNet, the much anticipated Google Maps app for the iPhone is nearing completion and is in the final stage of testing. We all know how bad the Apple Maps app got with iOS 5, so this will offer much relief to those iPhone users still needing a reliable navigation app. The reports even [...]

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Google Rolls Out Biggest Update Ever For Street View

Today Google announced its biggest update to its Street View service. They've added over 250,000 miles of road, in more than 17 countries. Some of the new places include Catherine Palace, Russia, the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taiwan, and Stanley Park, Vancouver. For developers, Google has added time-zone functionality to the Maps API allowing for [...]

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