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Google Releases Chrome App Launcher For Windows

Today, Google quietly released its Chrome App Launcher for Windows 7 and 8. If you're a heavy Google user, this little app might come in handy for you, as it gives you quick access to Google services such as Chrome, Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, the Chrome Store and more. It even has a Google search [...]

Tech Tip: Use Google Drive On Android To Save Receipts

If you're like me, you probably have a folder (or two, or three) full of receipts for major purchases you've made over the years. As time goes on, those receipts can wear and eventually become unreadable. There are a few mobile apps out there that are designed specially for scanning and saving copies of your [...]

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Microsoft SkyDrive Introducing Photo Timelines And Faster Uploads

As the competition for cloud storage continues to heat up, Microsoft has announced a few new features it will be rolling out within the next 48 hours to its SkyDrive service. All Photos View This view will be updated like the image above, which will sort all of your pictures into a timeline view. They'll [...]

Rumor: Google Launching ‘Google Keep’ Note-Taking Service

When it comes to note-taking apps on the computer, so far, nothing has topped Microsoft's OneNote or the popular Evernote. Google might be looking to change that soon with a new service called Google Keep. Google used to have Google Notebook, which was a similar service, but they stopped programming on that back in 2009, [...]

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Google Announces Touchscreen Chromebook Pixel Starting At $1,299 Available In April

Today Google has announced its next leap in the Chromebook series, and that is the new touchscreen Chromebook Pixel. You can pre-order it today and it will begin shipping in April. The cheaper version, at $1,299 will be WiFi-only and have 32GB of internal storage. You can also upgrade to a 64GB model, or get [...]

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Google Renames Google Drive Apps & Releases Them To Chrome Web Store

Google's Office-like web apps used to be Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations, but alas, no more! Say hello to Docs, Sheets and Slides. Today, Google has changed the name of their Google Drive apps and has also released them in the Chrome Web Store as standalone apps that will appear in your new tabs in Google [...]