Review: Dodocool Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The Dodocool Mini Wireless Bluetooth Speaker packs a serious punch for such a small size! While you won't get the deep sounds like you would from a larger bluetooth speaker, this mini speaker sounds good for its size and sounds better than the speakerphone on your phone. I've used it in the bathroom while showering, [...]

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Review: Dodocool Bluetooth Headphones Earbuds

Over the past few weeks, I've had the opportunity to review the Dodocool Bluetooth Headphones and I was very impressed with the sound quality and features you get for an entry level price. These headphones are a sport style headphone with the wire resting on the back of your neck. They include multiple tips to [...]

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Review: Dodocool N300 WiFi Extender

I've had the opportunity to review the Dodocool N300 WiFi Extender over the past week. The testing environment I had was a house with three floors and a wireless router on the 3rd floor using both 802.11g and 802.11n protocols. While using the cable company provided router, there were corners on the basement level where [...]

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Review: dodocool Bluetooth Headphones Sports Earbuds

Over the past week I've had the opportunity to review this pair of dodocool Bluetooth Headphones Sports Earbuds. These headphones feature Bluetooth 4.1, NFC, noise cancellation, Adopt aptX HD audio encoding, all while being sweat resistant. During my use, I paired it with an iPhone 6S Plus, so I wasn't able to test the NFC [...]

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