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Apple Releases iOS 7 Beta 2 For iPhone, iPad, And iPad Mini

If you have an active Apple Developer account, you might already be running Beta 1 of iOS 7 on your iPhone. Today, Apple released Beta 2, and also made it available for the iPad and iPad Mini. There's not much details available on what all is included in the update besides bug fixes, Slashgear listed [...]

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iOS7 Tips & Tricks

If you're lucky enough to be an Apple Developer, then you might have already installed iOS7 onto your iPhone or iPad. If you're like me, a few of the features and functions you've been accustom to in previous versions may appear like they've gone away. Apple has consolidated many features and has added more swiping [...]

Tech Tip: How To Install iOS Beta Versions In Windows

If you're a registered developer with Apple ($99/year), you can download and install pre-release software, including new versions of iOS for your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. There are a few steps you need to do in order to be able to install this software on your devices. Activating Your Account The first step after paying [...]

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