Tech Tip: Use Google Drive On Android To Save Receipts

If you're like me, you probably have a folder (or two, or three) full of receipts for major purchases you've made over the years. As time goes on, those receipts can wear and eventually become unreadable. There are a few mobile apps out there that are designed specially for scanning and saving copies of your [...]

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Google Unifies Its Cloud Storage For GMail, Drive, and Photos – 15GB For Free

According to TechCrunch, Google has announced that it will be unifying its cloud storage between its products, including GMail, Drive, and Photos (Picasa). Instead of trying to keep track of your storage across your Google products, you'll now be able to just watch one graph to know when you're reaching your limit. The free tier [...]

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Tech Tip: Getting XBox Music Playlists To Sync To Windows Phone 8

I've been using Windows Phone since they first launched it with Windows Phone 7 and I've been an Xbox Music Pass subscriber (previously Zune Pass) for just as long. When Windows Phone 8 came out I was excited about all of the new features. One change they made was to drop the Zune software and [...]

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Amazon Cloud Services Down – Affecting Multiple Sites & Services

An apparent issue with Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute network caused partial outages of several popular sites on Monday afternoon. Sites included Reddit, Netflix, Foursquare, Imgur, Pinterest, and Minecraft, among others. The outage was narrowed down to Amazon's data center in North Virginia and started around noon CST today. On Amazon’s AWS status page, the company [...]

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