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Google Releases Chrome App Launcher For Windows

Today, Google quietly released its Chrome App Launcher for Windows 7 and 8. If you're a heavy Google user, this little app might come in handy for you, as it gives you quick access to Google services such as Chrome, Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, the Chrome Store and more. It even has a Google search [...]

Google Announces Touchscreen Chromebook Pixel Starting At $1,299 Available In April

Today Google has announced its next leap in the Chromebook series, and that is the new touchscreen Chromebook Pixel. You can pre-order it today and it will begin shipping in April. The cheaper version, at $1,299 will be WiFi-only and have 32GB of internal storage. You can also upgrade to a 64GB model, or get [...]

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Google Stock Dives – Releases Financials Early – Announces New Chromebook

Google apparently accidentally released their Q3 financial statements a little early, in the middle of the day instead of after the stocks are closed. Google's stock is now down about 8% and currently trades for well under $700 and trading in the stock has now been halted. Google reported $14.10 billion in revenue and an [...]

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