Microsoft Updates Maps, Video, and Finance Windows 8 Apps – Ads Coming To Bing Search In Windows 8.1

If you're a Windows 8 user, you'll see a couple of app updates available in the Microsoft Store today. Microsoft has released updates to their Maps, Video, and Finance apps. In other news, Microsoft has written a post on the Bing Ads blog, stating that with Windows 8.1, the integrated Bing search engine will also [...]

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Microsoft BUILD 2013 Windows 8 App Announcements – Facebook, Flipboard, VS 2013 & More

While the big news at the Microsoft BUILD 2013 developer's conference has been the Windows 8.1 Preview, they also just announced a couple of apps coming to Windows 8. First up is an official Facebook app. Twitter released an app a while ago, but Facebook has yet to be seen. Microsoft has announced that it [...]

Apple Announces iOS7

"The biggest change to iOS since the induction of the iPhone" is what Apple is calling iOS7. It'll feature a clean, fresh look with new fonts, new icons and new translucent bars. Since iOS7 is almost all about a redesign, I'll have to supply some pictures, right? Here you go, hot off the press! Apple's [...]

Tech Tip: Enable Bing Lockscreen Images In Windows 8.1.9385 via Registry Tweak

Bing has offered the Bing Desktop app to Windows 7 users for a while ago, which allows your desktop wallpaper to sync with the Bing image of the day. With Windows 8, this isn't needed as much since you're usually on the tile screen. With the latest leak of the upcoming Windows 8.1, there's now [...]

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Microsoft Office 365 Has Apps!

Microsoft Office 365 (Office 2013) just launched the other day and while users are still getting used to it, there's one feature that hasn't received much attention, and that's apps! Within the Microsoft Office apps, you can actually access and download apps within those apps, sort of like plugins. At launch, there are about 200 [...]

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Bing Sports App For Windows 8 Update Brings Additional Leagues

Microsoft released an update to its Bing Sports app for Windows 8. The new update brings some new leagues to the app, such as NCAA Men’s Basketball, NCAA Football, MotoGP and 17 global soccer leagues. The Sports app is installed by default on Windows 8 and is set as one of your tiles. The update [...]

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Facebook Announces “Graph Search”

This afternoon, Facebook had a big press event scheduled to reveal something they were "building" that's been kept a secret. The event is still underway, but so far their big announcement is the "third pillar" of Facebook, which is Graph Search. They're saying the service is in Beta form right now, but that it will [...]

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