Sony PS4 Announcements At E3

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1804241982ps41_mediumBack in February, Sony revealed their specs for the upcoming Playstation 4. Last night at E3, they released pricing and availability (after Microsoft announced their plans for the Xbox One). Sony announced their pricing, release date, online gaming information, and the new PlayStation Plus subscription.

Pricing & Availability

For a basic unit, Sony will sell the Playstation 4 for $399 and it will be available this holiday season. This model doesn’t appear to include the camera hardware (similar to Kinect) and will have one controller. Sony also announced that 20 exclusive titles will be available for the PS4 in the first year.

PlayStation Plus Subscription

With the previous Playstations, you could do multiplayer online gaming for free. That’s going to change with the PS4. PlayStation Plus will cost less than $5 per month, and will also provide access to discounted games, cloud saves, automatic game updates and new games for free every month.

Used Games & Online Check-Ins

Sony also announced that they will not have any restrictions on used games, unlike Microsoft with the Xbox One. You can trade them in, sell them to friends, or do whatever you would like with your discs.

Again, unlike the Xbox One, the PS4 will not require you to do an online check-in every 24 hours to play a disc-based game.

More Information

You can check out Sony’s official Playstation 4 site here.

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