Security Alert: Tumblr Hack – Protect Yourself

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Security Alert: Tumblr Hack - Protect Yourself 1

According to reports on Twitter and other social media, there’s a fairly massive hack going around on Tumblr sites right now that will disable your site if you click on the image above. So far there are reports of about 4,600 sites being disabled by this hack, which started with hacker group GNAA.

There seems to be an easy fix. In the event you’re infected, go to the Tumblr mass editor, delete the bad posts, and refresh. And though there’s not evidence the GNAA has actually accessed your account, you should go ahead and change your password. In the past, the GNAA has targeted such prominent sites as CNN, Wikipedia, and the Obama campaign site. This exploit shouldn’t last longer than about 10 minutes. In the meantime, avoid visiting individual Tumblrs and stick to the dashboard.

UPDATE 11:30am CST: As of 30 minutes ago, the attack is still going strong, with reports of over 8,600 accounts now being affected!

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